May & June 2023 No.188
Success Stories

Twin-Cylinder Rubber Hot Press Solution Optimizes Outsole Production

Shoes are one of the most representative products of human cultural development and have twofold importance: one is to protect our feet from injuries, and the other is to serve as decorative fashion apparel. Shoes consist of four parts: upper, quarter, insole, and outsole — with the outsole mostly ...

4-Head Labeling Machine Solution Performs Precise & Fast Labeling

Product labels are attached securely onto bottles thanks to the automated equipment in the packaging process. Some of the prevalent equipment includes shrink sleeve labeling machines and other types of labeling machines. In March 2023, Delta published an article introducing its Double-Head Shrink Sleeve ...

Blown Film Extruder Solution Enhances Commissioning Efficiency by 80%

Plastic packaging is widely used for diverse functions in contemporary life, such as for snack packs, hygiene product bags, industrial products like agricultural plastic sheets, medical supplies packaging, and even antistatic bags and wafer seals used in the electronics industry. Blown film ...

Event Recaps

Delta Smart Manufacturing Webinars 2023:
The Key to Digitalization & Smart Transformation in the Machinery Industry

From April to May, Delta released several smart manufacturing webinars regarding smart factory fulfillment in the electronics industry. Starting in late May, Delta will be hosting a new webinar series focusing on the machinery industry with the theme “The Key to Digitalization & Smart Transformation ...

Corporate News

Delta Electronics' Americas Headquarters Becomes the First LEED Zero Energy-Certified Green Building in Fremont, CA

Delta, a global provider of IoT-based smart green solutions, today announced its Americas regional headquarters (HQs) has become the first green building in Fremont, CA, and second in the Silicon Valley Bay Area, to achieve the LEED Zero Energy certification from the U.S. Green Building Council ...

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