July & August 2023 No.189
Event Recaps

Delta Highlighted Exhibits at Automation Taipei 2023 for Digitized Manufacturing

Delta, a world-class provider of power management and industrial automation solutions, participated in the Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2023 (Automation Taipei 2023) with the theme of “Digitized Manufacturing for an Innovative Future”. During the exhibition ...

Event Previews

Delta Gears Up for SEMICON Taiwan 2023
with Subsidiary Universal Instruments

SEMICON Taiwan 2023 is opening from September 6 to 8 to cover key industry themes such as advanced manufacturing, heterogeneous integration, smart manufacturing, sustainability, and others. The show is expected to attract hundreds of exhibitors from Taiwan and overseas. Counting down to this ...

Industry News

Smart Screwdriving System Helps Enhance Assembly Quality for Smart Manufacturing

Screw tightening is a common procedure that we are all familiar with. For manufacturing and assembly industries, it is an important process that closely relates to product quality, productivity, and yield rate. If screwdriving torque, angle, number of turns, and rotation speed are inconsistent throughout ...

Success Stories

Single-Workstation Inner Winding Machine Solution Boosts Motor Performance

Electric motors serve at the heart of nearly all industries. When electric current flows through wire coils and electromagnets in motors, the magnetic field converts electric energy into mechanical energy to drive equipment along production lines. Wire winding is a crucial step in motor manufacturing ...

High-Speed Maglev Blower Solution
Enhances Energy Efficiency

A type of fluid machinery, blowers are widely used to transmit air through pipelines in HVAC systems, wastewater treatment, aquaculture, and other industries. The blower motor creates and controls air flow, pressure, and speed by driving the impeller at a high speed. Traditional blower motors ...

Corporate News

Delta Wins the "2023 Best Companies to Work For in Asia Award" by HR Asia with its DEI and Digital Transformaiton Highly Recognized

Delta, a global leading provider of power and thermal management solutions, today announced it has been selected as one of the “Best Companies to Work For in Asia” for the second time by HR Asia, the prominent magazine in Asia on human resources. In the evaluation ...

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