September & October 2023 No.190
Industry News

Compact Multi-Drive MX300 Series
Parallel Mounting & Compact Size

As industries are centering attention on smart manufacturing, global manufacturers are implementing automation products and solutions to establish smart factories. On the production line, drives are common devices that convert AC to DC through a rectifier and utilize an inverter to convert ...

Wafer Edge Grinding Machine Enhances Precision and Equipment Utilization

Silicon wafers are experiencing price hikes as fabrication technology is making remarkable leaps. With high-capacity utilization, the wafer market continues to be valued at a whopping amount. As global semiconductor demand grows and the smart manufacturing trend advances, semiconductor ...

VTScada Fulfills Comprehensive IIoT with Superior Monitoring and Control

Monitoring infrastructure in industrial settings poses a major challenge across diverse sectors, including electricity grids, water treatment, and energy systems. The sheer scale and scope demand even more efficient resource allocation and management. Fortunately, smart manufacturing is fueling the ...

Event Recaps

Delta and Universal Instruments Demonstrate Smart Solutions at SEMICON Taiwan 2023

Delta and its U.S.-based subsidiary Universal Instruments jointly participated for the first time at the SEMICON Taiwan 2023 exhibition, an annual event which came to a close on September 8th. The companies unveiled comprehensive Wafer Grinding and Inspection Solutions as well as High-Speed, ...

Corporate News

Asia’s First Zero-Carbon Coral Conservation Center for Endangered Corals

Delta Electronics Foundation and the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (NMMST) have jointly announced the opening of the Chaojing Coral Conservation Center on September 23rd with the aim of restoring internationally recognized endangered corals. By leveraging Delta Electronics ...

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