November & December 2023 No.191
Success Stories

Film Coating Machine Solution
Enhances Lithium Battery Quality

Lithium batteries are an excellent energy storage solution, boasting benefits such as high voltage, high energy density, and long lifespan. Despite their compact size they power many devices, from solar batteries and EV batteries to smartphones. They have become the mainstream energy storage ...

Smart Farming Solution Helps
Manage & Enhance Livestock Welfare

In the post-pandemic era, the world faces severe labor shortages. The animal agriculture industry, which is highly dependent on the workforce, has been deeply affected by this. Coupled with surging feed costs caused by war and extreme weather, livestock farmers have been successively ...

Machine Vision Solution Helps
AGVs/AMRs Avoid Collisions

To fulfill the increasingly diversified demands of manufacturing, businesses have started to implement automated transport equipment in factories and warehouses to ensure 24/7 smooth operation and enhance productivity via human-robot collaboration. Automated transport equipment is specialized for ...


Modular Robot RS-M Series Receives the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Golden Award

Delta’s Modular Robot RS-M Series has recently received the Golden Award at the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards. With its unique features and stylish design, the RS-M Series prevailed over 469 companies and 948 products, signifying that the Delta industrial robot is well recognized ...

Event Recaps

IABG Signs 2024 Cooperation Contracts with Taiwanese Distributors

Delta Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) held its 2024 Cooperation Contract Signing Ceremony on Dec. 20, 2023 with three channel partners: ACE Pillar Co., Ltd. (ACE Pillar), USE Electronics Co., Ltd. (USE Electronics), and Jidien Co., Ltd. (Jidien). The ceremony affirmed the ...

2023 Delta Day Seminar Roadshow Presents
New Solutions for Digital Transformation

The 2-day seminars encompassed two major themes. The first day explored the latest trends in equipment digitization and showcased Delta’s new automation products, while the second day introduced strategies for digital transformation and presented Delta’s integrated smart factory solutions ...

Delta Unveils Cutting-Edge IIoT Solutions at
SPS Nuremberg 2023

Under the theme "Connecting Devices, Shaping Solutions," Delta demonstrated integrated hardware and software solutions with key highlights including its IIoT Solution, SCADA System VTScada, the newly debuted PLC-Based Motion Controller AX-5 Series and Compact Multi-Drive MX300 Series ...

Corporate News

Delta's COP28 Side Event Shares Experience in Internal Carbon Pricing, Echoing COP28's "Climate Finance" Focus

Delta’s participation this year, led by Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Chief Brand Officer and Vice Chairperson of the Delta Foundation, is the 16th time the company has attended the COP climate summit. During the side event on December 10th, Delta shared the stage with the Federation of Indian Chambers ...

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